Outsource writing and make time for what YOU love to do.

I’m Marijke from The Netherlands.

I’m one of those people who was lucky to find out what they love to do at an early age: writing informative content.

Sounds silly – aren’t you supposed to want to write literature or poetry? – but there’s nothing I like more than taking in all that information and turning it into a well-structured and easy-to-read blog post or article. Especially if it helps someone’s business thrive!

Here are some things I’m proud of:

Getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Science

Moving from The Netherlands to Spain to start working on my business full-time right out of uni

Selling my first niche website at 24

Selling my second niche website at 26

Being able to spend every day writing for the best clients in the world!

Enough about me, though… it’s time to hear more about YOUR business and goals.

The proof is in the numbers…

Check out the 4-year growth rate for one of my own websites:

Samples & more

It’s easy to talk, but can you deliver? Yes! Have a look at a variety of my writing samples below to see if it’s what your company needs. If your niche is missing, don’t worry: shoot me a message and we can find out whether we make a good fit.

Houseplant niche

Houseplants are one of my favorite niches and prime areas of expertise. They’re green, they’re alive, and they just make people happy! Here’s a sample of my houseplant writing in situ:

Monstera ‘Peru’ care & info

Gardening niche

Whether it’s edible gardening or just growing flowers, I’ve got you covered. Check out one of the many posts I’ve done about gardening over the years:

Tips for extending the tomato season

Travel niche

On my own website Snorkel Things, I post travel articles about the best places to explore life under the surface. You can find examples of my travel writing here, like the post on Tabarca Island:

Isla de Tabarca snorkeling & more

Pet care niche (parrots)

A topic dear to my heart, parrots are what my own website Psittacology is all about. Plenty of samples can be found here, like the kakariki parrot care guide:

Kakariki care, diet, housing & more

Pet care niche (dogs, cats & more)

Dogs, cats, rodents, ferrets, reptiles and amphibians galore! Heck, even tarantulas and scorpions are welcome. I love writing about any type of animal, even the less pretty ones, and their care. Read an example:

Cat dental care & cleaning your cat’s teeth

Pet care niche (aquariums)

Aquariums were my first ever niche topic and still one of my favorite things to write about (freshwater and marine). You can find many samples over at FantaSEA Aquariums, like this one:

Halloween hermit crab care & info

Food niche

I love cooking and everything to do with food! It’s such a relaxing activity, and on top of it, it makes people happy. You can find an example of my food writing here:

Spanish paella + recipe for paella valenciana

Nature/pop science

I adore everything to do with nature and spreading knowledge about the wonders of this planet we call home. You can find an example of my nature/pop science writing here:

Caribbean reef squid

Mari is a consummate professional who’s on top of her SEO game and she clearly puts in the effort to research a topic well, often going above and beyond expectations. Her articles alone have added several hundred new keywords to my site that rank quickly and become the topical authority in Google. But more importantly, it’s rare to find a writer that I don’t have to edit heavily, and Mari is exactly that! Her style and voice are easy to follow and a pleasure to read.

In this new era where content factories and AI programs churn out unoriginal, inaccurate, or otherwise terribly written articles, Mari is a breath of fresh air!

– Linda T., ghostwriting client